FileMaker DevCon 2018 Recap

FileMaker DevCon 2018

I’m finally back from FileMaker DevCon 2018 in Grapevine, Texas.  OK, I’ve been back since late Sunday, but between being a bit under the weather and fixing a problem FileMaker server, I’ve been too busy to post.

DevCon was fun.  And a great learning experience.  I was privileged to meet so many great people in the FileMaker community and get to know them.  And, for the first time in three years, I attended sessions rather than interview fellow FileMaker travelers (don’t worry, I have a full slate of interviews coming up…I’m just doing them remotely now).

What’s New at DevCon

The list is too long to go deep into, and some items are on the Do Not Talk About list – I wish I could share some of the latter, as there are great features coming down the pike.  Here are just some of the things I found interesting – and that I can talk about:

FileMaker on Android

LiveCode announced a beta version of their innovative product, LCFM Native.  LCFM Native just entered beta, and converts a FileMaker solution into an Android application, one that still talks to FM server.

I signed up for their beta program and tested an upcoming vertical market app with their code – 45 minutes working and talking with Mark, the lead software coder for LCFM Native.  Mark is from Scotland (as are most of the LiveCode team), very sharp, and talks fast.  I could even understand him most of the time!  All fun aside, working with Mark and the others to test our solution was a blast, and I look forward to the product going live.  For the moment, the upload only tests compatibility and does not produce an Android version.  Still, our app passed with flying colors, potentially opening up a much larger market for us to penetrate.

LiveCode plans for a full release in the fall, which is perfect timing for the vertical app we are taking to market (more on that soon).

An iOS APP in 15 Minutes for $9

Seriously.  24usoftware, based out the Czech Republic, builds plugins and custom solutions in the FileMaker arena.  Their head honcho, HonZa, showed me several great products from their offerings, including XGODE, an online service to turn a FileMaker app into an iOS App.  Check it out:

This service costs $9 to convert an app.  And you can convert unlimited apps for $199 per year.  Once our new vertical app goes live, I will convert it over and test it. Pretty impressive!

More Interviews and More from DevCon

I am lining up more interviews for the fall.  The first FaceBook live with be this month on Tuesday, August 28th, at 9 AM MDT.  I’ll be interviewing Danial Shanahan (a great shuffleboard player, by the way) on his passion:  Handling inventory in FileMaker.   I’ll post the FB live session to Youtube and feature it in a blog post, too.

Look for a new interview every three weeks or so throughout the year.  And there will be more about DevCon in upcoming posts!

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