FileMaker DevCon 2016 Update

Check out this interview on the FileMaker Facebook  page (you’ll have to scroll, but it’s easy to find).

FileMaker’s Data Treseder interviews Alexis Allen of Designing FileMaker.  I interviewed Alexis way back in 2014, just after she started her blog.

Matt and Matt talks about FileMaker DevCon:  Episode 124: Pre FileMaker Devcon 2016 Session Chat

Rolf of FileMakerBloggen put together a free downloadable FileMaker Example file showing how to use a Javascript Library to build a timeline using FileMaker data.

He delves into parsing JSON, finding and loading the libraries, and more:

There are a lot of good-looking and useful Javascript libraries. The good thing is they can be integrated into a web viewer in FileMaker. It is even possible to interact with the web viewer, display more information or navigate to a certain FileMaker record using the fmp protocol. A couple of years ago (times goes by..) I wrote about an interactive map of Sweden.

Lately I was in need to show events in a timeline. It might be made in FileMaker, but it is a lot easier using one of the Javascript libraries easily found on the internet. Without much consideration I choosed a library called VisJS.

Integrating FileMaker with other technologies (JSON, REST API, PHP, Javascript), etc) is the future, and FileMaker developers who want to come out on top need to learn these technologies.  I’m sure FileMaker is thinking the same thing, and will be making it easier for developers to handle these tasks.

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