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FileMaker Data API

Did you know FileMaker Server 16 can turn your FileMaker App into a web service using the new FileMaker Data API?  It’s true – any application that can generate an http call and handle JSON data can now talk to your FileMaker server.  And it is fast and relatively easy to set up. Wim Decorte’s very in depth post (with downloadable demo) is worth reading and studying if you want to use your app as a web service:

With the release of FileMaker Server 16 comes a brand-new feature – FileMaker Data API. Here’s how it works and how to use it in your application….

Any application or system that can make an HTTP call and works with received JSON data in response can use FileMaker Data API. It’s a very powerful and welcome addition to the FileMaker product line. It essentially turns your FileMaker app into a web service.

Most of you know that an API is just a set of instructions allowing you to access the data from an online database, such as Amazon, Walmart, or Fedex.  But building an API is usually reserved for bigger companies due to the complexities involved.  But now it’s possible to use the new FileMaker Data API to do that for any FileMaker App, which can open the doors for many companies to share data quickly and easily to their clients and vendors without them having FileMaker installed on their systems.  Very powerful stuff.

There is one drawback…

The FileMaker Data API is only a trial product and the trial period for the FileMaker Data API will expire on September 27, 2018. After which, it will cease to operate.  Let’s hope FileMaker comes up with a way to  make it permanent before then.

Source: How to Use the New FileMaker Data API in FileMaker Server 16

Windowing in FM 16: First Impressions

Kevin Frank on some of FileMaker 16’s new features:

9 May 2017: Today’s release of FileMaker 16 introduces new windowing options, and changes to existing windowing behavior… some of these are cross-platform, and some are specific to FileMaker for Windows.

Worth the read with a bonus tip from Joel Shapiro on how to deactivate a FileMaker Button Bar.

FileMaker 16 New Release Special Offer

For every single user license of FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced you purchased between April 9, 2017 and May 23, 2017, you are eligible to receive the corresponding upgrade version at no charge. For complete details on the FileMaker 16 New Release Special Offer, please visit FileMaker 16 NRSO and select your country.

Get more details here!

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