FileMaker Card Windows

FileMaker Card Windows

FileMaker Card Windows, a new feature is FileMaker 16, are basically revolutionizing User Interface (UI) design in FileMaker.  The changes are limited only by your imagination, as you will see in videos below.

Simply put, Card windows allow the developer to show any layout independent of context without closing or changing the starting layout.  The starting layout is called the Parent, and it ‘owns” the Card window – the card window stays on top of the originating layout until it is closed.

So, what does that mean, exactly?  Watch these video to get an idea of the power of FileMaker Card Windows:

Martha Zink

Zink gets us started with a basic introduction:

Using a FileMaker Card Window as a Picker for Mouse Users and Keyboard Users

John Mark Osborne shows how to use a FileMaker Card Window as a Picker for populating the right contact into your forms:

To Do List from Anywhere

Martha Zink again on how to make a context independent To Do Card accessible from anywhere in your solution:

Floating Card Windows

Matt Petrowsky digs into what’s happening behind the scenes with Card Windows and shows some tricks that will come in handy:

That’s it for now…but keep an eye out for more articles and videos on Card Windows as developers start flexing their development muscles and showing new ways to build a better interface.

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