FileMaker and Business Smarts – Michael Rocharde

FileMaker and business smarts for all, from beginner to guru.

Michael Rocharde, of, and Don Clark sit down for a wide ranging conversation on FileMaker and Business Smartsthe business of FileMaker, from business smarts to overcoming introvert tendencies, and more.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this informative interview:

  • Rocharde’s current ventures, including three current businesses and 3 books in progress (1:16)
  • His new podcast on Agile and Beyond (2:00)
  • Vertical Marketing and business accelerators (4:59)
  • His first commercial FileMaker solution with ISP billing solution and how today’s marketing would improve sales (6:00)
    • Means to Promote
    •  FileMaker has Expanded
    •  10 Vertical Solutions
    •  Means to Residual Income
  • Win Win situation (9:00)
  • Overcoming introvert personality traits (12:15)
  • A free video to help sell FileMaker to your client (18:50)
  • Transformational Software Solutions (19:40)
  • The advantages of fresh content on your website (24:40)
    • 40 Videos on my Website
    • Short and to the Point
    • Informative
    • Professional
    • Provide Leverage
    • Insure Success
  • Be your own boss (25:50)
    • Develop Skills
    • Stop being an Introvert
    • Take a Public Speaking Course
    • Join Toastmasters
    • Personal Power
    • Charisma
    • Work on your Business, NOT in your Business
  • How much time should you spend developing in your own business (28:00)
    • Marketing
    • Promoting
    • Networking
    • Branding
    • Running with Ideas
  • You Have to be as Comfortable Talking to a Billionaire as  you are Talking to a Close Friend  (30:00)
  • Selling your software and solutions easier (38:00)
  • Spreadsheets vs Databases (40:00)
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