FileMaker to Amazon Database

FileMaker to Amazon Database

I’ve blogged for four and a half years now, and in the past two years I’ve seen an incredible increase in both the quantity and quality of blogging in the FileMaker world.  I’ve also noticed better posts, better writing, and posts on an incredible breadth of subjects – web connectivity, design, tips and tricks, exploiting new features in creative ways, and more (kudos to FileMaker for moving the platform along at such a rapid and productive pace – it’s easier to write when we have so many new features added every year).  The other thing I’ve noticed is the continued sharing of hard-earned knowledge to the greater FileMaker community.

And it’s not just sharing that is notable – it’s the quality of what is shared that is remarkable:  Not just the code examples, but often a completely functional free FileMaker example file that allows the lucky recipient to easily do something that would normally take a lot of blood, sweat, tears and time to do on their own.  Which brings me to the subject of my post today.

Making it Easy

Brendan McBride, of DB Services, wrote a blog post in September (and I missed it then, dang it!) about connecting FileMaker to Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS). And included a free FileMaker example database (download at the link below) that does all the heavy lifting for any FileMaker developer looking to make that connection.

And to top it all off, he made a short (6 minutes) video showing how to use it:

To put this in perspective, McBride just took most of the pain out of connecting FileMaker to Amazon MWS.  FileMaker developers and clients, existing and potential, will benefit. Here’s why:

Authenticating with Amazon MWS is a bit tricky:  In a solution we are just finishing for a client, authenticating turned out to be the hardest part.  There were other challenges (locating, downloading and parsing custom engraved information in zipped json files comes to mind), but nothing happens without the authentication. And updating records on Amazon is not as straightforward as one would expect, but don’t worry, the example file does that, as well.

So check out the video and the blog post, download the file, and take a look.  And thank Brandon for his hard work next time you get a chance.

Source: FileMaker Amazon Integration | DB Services

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