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FileMaker 19’s New Ability to “Add-On” Custom Coding

FileMaker Add-Ons allow a developer to add fully (mostly) developed functionality to an existing database. Imagine adding an inventory module to your existing sales solution with the click of a button. Or an Accounts Payable module to your CRM. It’s not quite that easy – this first version of Add-Ons is powerful but limited. But it is doable. Expect improvements to come over time as new updates to FileMaker happen (remember, there will be continual improvements to FileMaker now instead annual releases).

There is a steep learning curve

The new FileMaker-AddOn feature is not for the faint of heart. Most veteran developers will struggle. Intermediate developers with a desire to excel will be able to climb this hill. And it is not recommend for beginner developers – but don’t let that stop you if have the desire to learn!

That said, what is the best way to learn about it? The video below is Claris FileMakers introduction to Add-Ons:

Next, I recommend Matt Petrowski’s website, Filemaker Magazine.

FileMaker Magazine: FileMaker AddOns

Everything About Add-Ons

There is a one-half hour video and a Free FileMaker Example File at the link. If you are subscribed to his site (and every serious FileMaker Developer should be), there is a 1:10 video with more details. The video is very informative and the Free FileMaker example files let you go hands on to learn more. I recommend this as a starting point.

Geist Interactive

Next, I’d go to Geist Interactive’s post. This will build upon what you learned in the FileMaker Magazines video.

DB Services

DB Services brings some clarity with a short video and a Free FileMaker Example File that is an actual FileMaker Add-On file of their FileMaker Google Calendar demo file.

Using add-ons makes installing features in your custom FileMaker solution faster and easier than ever before. You can install pre-made add-ons, or create your own, saving time and effort. Check out our popular Google Calendar Integration demo file that we packaged as an add-on for this article’s sample file.

A real life example of an actual FileMaker Add-On from SeedCode

SeedCode’s DayBack Calendar is now available as a FileMaker Add-On. Check out this post (with video) FileMaker 19 Add-Ons. Key quote:

You can download an app as a .fmp12 file, or download the same file packaged up as an add-on. One, you’ll add to your file the old copy-and-paste way, and one you’ll add to your file using the new add-on process. The end result is the same. However, installing as an add-on is crazy fast.

Why try FileMaker Add-Ons?

If you are a developer, you can package up modules like CRM, Invoicing, or some other function that you sell from time to time, and make it easy to add to almost any solution. If you are a user, adding fully developed modules to your existing solution becomes a snap. Every one wins!

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