FileMaker 18: Sending HTML Email with SMTP and cURL – Two Demo files

Note: I will be putting up a lot of posts containing a free FileMaker Example File so I can post a link to that list. I won’t be commenting on them much, just trying to get all the new FileMaker 18 demo files on the Free FileMaker Example File list.

Sending HTML Emails

One of the hidden improvements in FileMaker 18 is the ability to send HTML Email with cURL. The following posts link to a Free FileMaker Example file showing how to send HTML emails using cURL and Insert from URL.

Skeleton Key

A major new feature in FileMaker 18 that has flown somewhat under the radar is the expanded capability of the Insert from URL script step. Insert from URL now supports the smtp and smtps URL protocols, as well as a few related cURL options. This means that sending email is now possible using Insert from URL, including the ability to send HTML email! Sending HTML email has been a long-requested feature for the FileMaker platform and was previously only available through plug-ins or, more recently, external API calls.In this article we’ll review how sending mail using SMTP and cURL in FileMaker 18 works and go through several examples. We’ve also built a robust demo file you can download for free and use to dig into this functionality in more detail, and we’ll discuss some of its capabilities here.

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FileMaker 18: How to Send HTML Emails Using Insert from URL

FileMaker 18 added SMB, LDAP(S), and SMTP(S) to the list of protocols supported by the Insert From URL script step. The full list of supported protocols now is HTTP(S), FTP(S), FILE, SMB, LDAP(S), and SMTP(S). This blog post will focus on making use of cURL and the SMTP protocol to send HTML-formatted emails.

Prior to FileMaker 18, plain text emails could be sent using the Send Mail script step. FileMaker 17 introduced the ability to include multiple attachments. Now, fully stylized rich-text emails with attachments can be sent, but the process is not as simple as it was with the Send Mail step. This blog post breaks down much of what you need to know and supplements that with a demo file for some additional hands-on learning.

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