FileMaker 16 Top 10 New Features (Updated)

A new video from Richard Carlton on FileMaker 16 new features:

Carlton’s choice for FileMaker 16 top 10 new features are in this short video released today:

If you don’t have time to watch, here’s the list of FileMaker 16 Top 10 New Features:

  1. FileMaker 16 still uses .fmp12 file format, no need to convert old files
  2. FileMaker 16 in Windows has been freed from the constrained window of old
  3. The layout object window – big news, as it lets you find any object on a layout no matter where it is buried or hidden
  4. PDF generation from FileMaker Server!  Good news for WebDirect and Go users
  5. Card Style Windows – manages context better for client and Go
  6. Improved Data Viewer, with live interaction as you change your formula
  7. More uses for Variables, which can be targets for insert script steps and as source for external data source
  8. REST API connectivity – make your database interact with other services
  9. OAuth authorization from Google, Amazon Web Services, and Azure
  10. Improvements to FileMaker Go
    1. Improvements to Signature Handling
    2. Layout transitions and animations
    3. Improvements to iBeacon support
    4. GeoFence support
    5. AV player support

I bolded my favorites in the list.  Which are yours?


Looking for more detailed info?

Check out Matt Petrowsky’s deeper dive (30 minutes long) into FileMaker 16 new features:

That’s all I have time for now, gotta get back to developing with FileMaker 16!

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