FileMaker 16 cURL, Ghost Sessions, Motivation

FileMaker 16 cURL

Sunday was a marathon problem solving day for a client, trying to find a way to export and upload a file via FTP to a phone calling service.  I had a working solution for over a year on this, but the update to FileMaker 16 broke it somehow – it had more to do with upgrading to Sierra, I think, since my solution used Automator, Fetch, and Calendar to work around the inability of FileMaker to upload to this particular service (that’s a story for another day).

So I spent some time getting to better know FileMaker 16’s new cURL features, and found some great advice and great tools out there (for pre-FileMaker 16 cURL, check out this post from last year).  The solution lies with the ability of FileMaker to send the contents of a container field via FTP without downloading the file first.

In this instance, I still have to generate a file using a server side script and upload it to a container field, but once that is done I am able to FTP the file quickly from the server.

Luminfire’s Andy Walz and Tim Cimbura blog post and free FileMake Example file (at the link below) helped immensely. I highly recommend reading it and playing with that file if you need to use FileMaker 16 cURL.

Source: cURLing in FileMaker 16 – LuminFire

How to Disconnect Ghost FileMaker Sessions on Your Server

With the cost of FileMaker clients being a factor all clients consider, it’s good to have a way to kill ghost sessions…What’s a ghost session, you might ask:

When you lose your network connection or your FileMaker quits, sometimes your session doesn’t drop off on the FileMaker server. This becomes a problem when that session hogs up one of your license spots. This doesn’t seem to happen often, but when I talked prentices to colleagues at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference, I learned it happens more often than we think.

Agnes Riley to the rescue!  Her solution is pretty technical (and, sadly, does not include an example file), but all the coding you need is there to help you save your client from purchasing unneeded licenses.

Source: How to Disconnect Ghost FileMaker Sessions on Your Server

How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

Most of you know by now that I like James Clear’s writing on motivation and habit building.  Clear finds and explains the latest scientific information to help you improve your life, and is never a boring read.

Check out this post on getting motivated:

The most important part of any task is starting. If you can’t get motivated in the beginning, then you’ll find that motivation often comes after starting. That’s why your pre–game routine needs to be incredibly easy to start.

For example, you could create an exercise routine that starts with filling up your water bottle. That way, when you don’t feel like working out, you can simply tell yourself, “Just fill up the water bottle.” Your only goal is to start the routine and then continue from there.

There’s more at the link – read up if you have trouble getting going.

Source: How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It



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