FileMaker 16: Artificial Intelligence and JSON

FileMaker 16: Artificial Intelligence and JSON

FileMaker 16 and Artificial Intelligence from Joris Arts of Clickworks:

Watch this video to discover how easy it is now to integrate FileMaker with Artificial Intelligence using the new features of FileMaker 16. We use an AI for image recognition with a FileMaker custom app for a commercial casting bureau. Learn how in this example a robot completely takes over the data entry and allows to explore the images in a way that was not possible before.

This is pretty impressive stuff: The images are inspected by a robot service,, and it offers plenty of different services (model recognition, prevent nude photos from being posted to a forum, and more.  And the basic levels of service are free – up to 5000 photos per month!

Joris provides a free downloadable file at the link – don’t miss this one!

From Anders Monsen of Soliant: Ways to use JSON in FileMaker

There are both external and internal uses for JSON.

Knowing how to create JSON is a requirement for using many web services. Combined with cURL features in the Insert from URL script step, you can now send JSON built from FileMaker records.

Within FileMaker, JSON could be used to handle multiple script parameters, store users preferences in a single object instead of across multiple fields, gather changes in an audit log, and even duplicate records including data in portals. Imagine the possibilities.

This post is loaded with usable information and includes a free FileMaker downloadable file at the link.

Source: How to Create JSON in FileMaker 16 – A Guide from Certified Developers

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