FileMaker 15 & Macworld, AWS, Virtual Lists, and more

 of MacWorld assesses the release of FileMaker 15 in his article:  

With version 15, the FileMaker platform gets better, and it was pretty good already. But in terms of features, FileMaker 15 is an evolutionary rather than revolutionary release. Many existing users may not feel the need to rush to upgrade, and both new and current users may find the new licensing options a bit confusing.

The article is a fair and positive assessment of FileMaker 15 features, and Porter gives the new licensing a fair shot but, for something designed to simplify, it certainly fails.  Can’t blame Porter for that.

On the plus side, after watching an NDA presentation by FileMaker last night on issues of concern to the community, I feel better about two things:

  • The pricing structure, while complicated, is not as bad as I thought and offers hope for the future.  The obvious drawback:  explaining it to clients is messy.
  • The restrictive FileMaker Server 15 licensing policy has several exceptions that make it workable.

Why we are not allowed to talk about these items (it was an NDA webinar) was unclear.  It seems this is information the world needs to hear.  I am hoping to find out more on that soon.

Source: FileMaker 15 review: Evolutionary release with a new licensing program | Macworld

Matt Greger of FMPro Database shows off the ability of FileMaker 15 to connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS)–and to Amazon’s Redshift Data Warehouse.   With the new, included ODBC driver in FileMaker 15, connecting to the Postgres data tables is now a snap:

I’m rather excited about the release of FileMaker 15. One of the hidden gems is the expansion of SQL database support within ESS (External SQL Data Sources) and the addition of PostgreSQL databases. This means FileMaker can integrate directly with Amazon’s Redshift Data Warehouse. ESS Redshift tables can be dropped directly as a TO in FileMaker’s relationship graph.

Matt shows how to make the connection, and promises to report back after testing some more.

Source:  FileMaker 15, ESS and AWS Redshift

From FileMaker Examples, 33 Uses for the Concealed Edit Box:

  1. Passwords
  2. PIN’s
  3. Credit Card Information
  4. Phone Numbers
  5. Email Addresses
  6. Passport Information
  7. Legal Information
  8. Social security number or other taxpayer ID
  9. Birth date
  10. Home Address

Visit the link to see the whole list, and if you can think of any more, leave a comment at their blog.

Kevin Frank re-visits Virtual Lists in the first of two parts.  But first he has a warning:

Self-plagiarism alert: to avoid repeatedly referring the reader back to earlier virtual list articles, portions of text from those earlier articles are incorporated here.

Frank covers a lot of ground, and anyone wanting to learn about Virtual Lists needs to check this out and grab the download while you are there.

The 21st century version of the Clapper:  Knocki turns any surface into a remote

Seriously, this device uses IFTTT (If This, Then That) technology to control internet based devices with a pattern of sounds. For example, a particular three knock pattern arms or disarms the alarm system on your house.  An interesting concept.  I wonder how it will do on Kickstarter.

If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?



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