FileMaker 14 First Look

FileMaker 14 is out, so let’s take a first look at the some of the new features:

One visible difference on opening is the new Launch Center, an icon based display of FileMaker files local or remote:

New Launch Center


The interface sports a new, flat design for the status area:

New FileMaker Status Area


New Script Workspace–all scripting happens in one streamlined workspace:

  • In-line help for every script step
  • Automatic command completion (a la Xcode)
  • Command lookup and searching
  • Keystroke shortcuts
New Script Workspace
Scripts on the left, Scripting window in the middle, Script commands on the right.


  • Supports mobile browsers (Chrome for sure!) on the latest tablets
  • Up to 25% faster on most optimized layouts
  • Supports up to 100 concurrent connections

WebDirect Changes


New Design Tools

  • Intelligent color pallet
  • 140 professionally designed icons
  • The ability to add your own icons (565 free icons packs here)
  • In-field labels will allow better interfaces in tight areas
  • Button Bars–more on this tomorrow!
In field labels
In Field Labels will save layout space!


That’s all for today, but that’s certainly not all.  Check back tomorrow and on following days to learn more about FileMaker 14’s new features (Sneak preview tomorrow–the new server Standby feature and more).

FileMaker 14 First Look


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