FB Live Tomorrow with Daniel Shanahan, Motivation

FaceBook Live with Daniel Shanahan

That’s right, Daniel Shanahan and I are doing a FaceBook Live on Daniel’s area of expertise:  Inventory Control. Check out just one of Daniel’s great sites on inventory management here. There are plenty of free FileMaker Example files at that link.

Join us tomorrow at 11 AM EDT on the FileMakerProGurus Facebook page.


Why Mick Jagger and George Costanza are the same…

There are plenty of self improvement strategies bombarding the average internet user, so many it makes it tough to separate the wheat from the chaff.  I stumbled across this podcast on Dopamine, a chemical in your brain often called the pleasure chemical, plays a major role in your life.  This is the first time I had heard about it:

We begin our conversation discussing the situations in which dopamine plays a role in our lives, how it’s made, and how dopamine levels change throughout our lifetimes. We then discuss how dopamine drives our endless search for novelty, and the problems this can cause if we don’t learn to how to switch from the excitement of anticipating something, to enjoying it in the here and now. Daniel and Michael then walk us through dopamine’s role in addiction to things like porn and drugs and the differences between “desire dopamine” and “control dopamine.” Along the way, they share insights on how to harness your dopamine so it works towards your greater goals, rather than against them.

Dopamine energizes people, gets them excited about a subject, and also explains why we lose interest in that same subject so quickly.  This podcast offers a way to harness your dopamine in order to improve your life.  It also explains why and how Mick Jagger and George Costanza are the same:

If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities.  If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.

~Wayne Dyer

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