Experience vs. Usability, Online Voting

Experience vs. Usability

From Jordan Watson, a developer at We Know Data, a DevCon 2016 presentation about User Experience vs. Usability.  Watson refers to Facebook as a prime example of great usability at the beginning, but don’t let that stop you from reading (Facebook is popular, in my opinion, despite it’s User Experience).  This video (and download file) are worth watching.

Great take away from the video:  The 5 E’s of usablity:

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Engaging
  • Error Tolerant
  • Easy to Learn

Watch it all.

Online Voting

Three blog posts from Soliant about a hot topic right now:  Would you vote online?  The second post is loaded with results from surveys, and this one explains it all:

Would you vote online

I fall on the far left hand side of this scale.  The possibility and ease of fraud in online systems is way to great to take the risk.  Nevertheless, the posts are worth reading.

“Today’s screens are a blur of apps, notifications, downloads, updates, and other indicators such as time, signal and battery life”

 – Nicholas Mirzoeff

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