Date Magic, Backup Magic, Googles Onhub, and more

Date Magic, Backup Magic, Googles Onhub, and more

Michael Rocharde shares a powerful, fairly simple way to handle reservations for just about anything:

Data MagicIt’s a common scenario.  You’ve got a reservation system of some kind or another and you have a limited number of resources available.  When you add a reservation (for a specific date), you want to be able to only select the resources that are available; in other words, they haven’t already been booked for another reservation on that same date.

This is not a terribly complicated scenario but you may find it a little difficult to get your head around; I certainly did. However, it is a really powerful, and useful, technique that has many different applications so it’s worth making the effort.


Check it out – it will save you a lot of time thinking about how to handle this type of challenge and make Date Magic for your clients.

Source: Date Magic | Michael Rocharde


Claus Lavendt identified an common problem with FileMaker Server backups: Most of us want to make incremental backups of our whole server, but don’t want to make full backups of a backup.  For instance, when FileMaker does an incremental, it puts a time stamp in the folder name, causing most third party backup services (Retrospect, Goodsync, Amazon S3, etc.) to view  the folder as a new folder and to backup that entire folder.  This can waste a lot of time when large databases are the target of the backup.

Claus wrote a plugin that solves this problem and made a video explaining the solution:

DM_FMS_BackupHelper from DataManix on Vimeo.

Best of all, it’s a free download.  Click here for the entire blog post and the download link.

Google’s OnHub is the first Wi-Fi router to support IFTTT  In case you didn’t know IFTTT is a web service that automates actions between apps.  Very powerful stuff, and easy to set up.  Check this out to see some interesting possible uses.

Sometimes, “no, I’m sorry, we can’t do that,” is a feature.  More Seth Godin goodness.

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