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Creating Your Own SSL Certificate

Simon Brown, beezwax developer, solves a use case scenario not allowed for with FileMaker’s insistence on SSL certificates:  A company that has a nonpublic domain and wants to issue their own certificate:

Typically, you buy an SSL certificate for a server from a SSL vendor. However, some companies may decide that they want to issue their own SSL certificates. Often this is because the domain is only used internally, and most vendors don’t easily allow (if at all) the signing of server certificates for non-public domains. Additionally, issuing your own certificates can remove complications caused by the certificate verification process used by most vendors, and there are no fees needed for each certificate.

Although this use case is not supported by FileMaker, I had a client who had no choice but to use their internally signed certificates, and was having issues getting to work on their newly updated server, which had been working fine with FileMaker Server 15. Since I didn’t have access to the server (their security protocols did not allow that), I decided to go through the process of creating my own CA (certificate authority), using it to issue an SSL certificate, and see if I could install it on a test instance of a FileMaker 16 Server.

It’s not an easy process, but worth knowing about if you should run across this problem in the future.

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