Creating Product Variants in FileMaker Pro

Inventory Magic: Product Variants

If you’ve ever tracked inventory in any system, you may have run across the scenario where you’d like to add another record that is just slightly different from an existing record – also known as a product variants.  Take the example of shirts.  You may have a medium, white, short sleeve, collared shirt, which is great for all those people who wear medium size shirts and like white.  But what about those who like red or blue or green and wear a small or extra-large?  Products like clothes usually have variations in size and color in order to meet the demand of a larger market.  Each variation requires its own record in the database and the more variations you have, the more records you’ll need.

Save Your Clients Some Typing

In FileMaker, its possible to create a matrix of the arrays of possible product variants and have a script automatically generate each unique variant record.  Think about that:  You just made your client’s life much easier by generating all the variants automatically.  And since the process was automated, there are no errors to look for and fix.

You can read more about this at FileMaker Inventory Resources in the article on Variants.  A demo file is available.  Just fill out the form “Updates and Downloads” on the home page to receive a link for all the demo files.

Example of a Master Product with variant options
Example of a Master Product with variant options.


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