Client Relations, Weighing Scale, and FileMaker Copyfitting

FileMaker CopyFitting with JavaScript

Aaron Giard shows how to use HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript to make FileMaker Copyfitting – the ability to automatically resize text make it larger or smaller to fit a designated space – a realty:

There is a free downloadable file at the link, so pop on over and grab a copy.

Source: FileMaker Copyfitting with JavaScript – Cirrus Logic Software, LLC

Connect FileMaker to a Scale

Claus Lavendt made a 9 minute video showing a couple of ways to connect a serial scale to FileMaker, allowing the user to grab the data and store:

It is fairly simple and in the video I show you 2 ways of doing it.
One way is to use a serial plugin, another is by using a serial-to-bluetooth dongle.

Weighing Scale

Watch the video at the link and get a free downloadable FileMaker example file with all of the code needed to make the connection.

Source: Weighing scale demo | The Brain Basket

3 Deal-Killing Strategies That Make Your Customers Walk Away

Successfully dealing with clients, whether in selling or in developing a solution, requires study and practice.  And a lot of advice is, to say the least, of marginal usefulness. Entrepreneur Magazine recently published a guide to avoiding three things that drive clients away from the bargaining table or, in the case of a FileMaker developer, from a strategy session.  Their first point applies to developers helping a client find a solution:

Forcing your customer to take the lead

There is a very common question that gets asked in the sales world. And it drives customers up the flippin’ wall. The question? “How can I help you?”

The request sounds innocent enough — almost friendly. But think of the implications. We are asking the customer to take the lead and describe both the situation and the solution.

Get the client to describe the problem (and don’t help, if possible).  They know what their problems are.  Let them talk. As a FileMaker developer, you offer the solution.  Or possible solutions.  You have then positioned yourself to be the answer to their problems, and thus more valuable to the client.
The other two points are well worth reading (especially point #3) as well, so jump over and spend a few minutes improving your ability to deal with clients.

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