Claris FileMaker Products Roadmap Includes Android!

Claris continues it’s new policy of sharing information of upcoming events and news.

Claris held a webinar yesterday (11/11/19) on the FileMaker Products Roadmap and shared exciting news. The video of the webinar is below. Some of the highlights are listed next– and you will want to check those out! I put these screenshots in the sequence they appear in the video, so they might let you jump around a bit faster. To hear about Android compatibility, go to 18:00 in the video (an Android beta is coming soon), then to 45:40 in the video for more during the Q and A. The Q and A is worth listening to, as well.

There’s more…lot’s more

  • CoreML
  • Siri commands in iOS
  • Card Support in WebDirect
  • Templates, add-ons, and JavaScript components
  • Active Directory integration along with SSO, Azure, and more
  • The end of annual releases after FM 19. Claris uses Agile programming know and will update more frequently throughout the year. The new Cloud and Connect products are already doing this.
  • Chatbots
  • iOT connectors
  • Web Authoring and Consumption
Claris will focus on the cloud first, while standardizing the On-premise footprint. They say both will have equal weight.
Clairs products, current and upcoming, along with some new functionalities.
The new Claris Connect product in an image
An Android Version is Coming! Other things, too.
Details you’ll want to hear about in the video.
Most of these will be built in technologies – lots of good things coming. Robotic process automation (or RPA) is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of metaphorical software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence (AI) workers
Note the ability to more easily add/delete/replace schema!!
Big plans here, too. Eventually be able to sell your product here online.
Not so good news.
Lots of vertical market providers are crying now.
Nashville, here I come.
I wish I could make that one…

And here’s the video

There’s a pretty long list of things coming down the pike. I have to say I like the emphasis Claris has on sharing information. Enjoy!

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