Claris FileMaker 19 is Here!

 What’s New in Claris FileMaker 19

The first thing to know is it is not just FileMaker: It is Claris FileMaker now. And FileMaker Pro (it is not called FM Pro Advanced anymore) is the flagship Claris produce. FileMaker 19 includes the following:

  • FileMaker Pro 19
  • FileMaker Server 19
  • FileMaker Go 19
  • FileMaker Cloud

A Quick Look

For a quick look at the 10 most important things to know about FileMaker 19, watch this video from Richard Carlton:

If you don’t have time, here is the list of the top 10 things to know:

  1. Claris is switching from an annual release cycle to multiple releases per year – maybe once per quarter. The new releases will include new features as well as preview releases of upcoming features
  2. Add-On Modules – fully functional modules that will are coming to quickly add new functions. New Add-on modules can be drag and drop with full capabilities.
    • Calendars
    • Kanban boards
    • Charting
    • Heat Maps
    • Timers
    • and more
  3. FileMaker will have some prebuilt Add-ons. And developers can make their own and make them available to others.
  4. Tighter integration with the WebViewer
    • Directly call functions within the Web Viewer, including sending data
    • Can deliver a Module with JavaScript in it
  5. App Upgrade Tool – This is very exciting: a way to ‘Patch’ an existing file (no need to work on live files anymore? Hope so!)
    • Uses XML to provide the patches…not for novice developers
    • Move code buy copying XML into the other solution
  6. Machine Learning – FileMaker Pro on the Mac and FileMaker Go will be to harness Machine Learning, such as image recognition (read a license plate number or identify a vehicle, for example). This is a built into FileMaker directly
  7. Miscellaneous features:
    1. Dark Mode support
    2. Card Style window support for WebDirect
    3. Drag and Drop FileMaker installation (nice!)
    4. FileMaker Server for Linux
  8. No File Format change (.fmp12)
  9. Minimum Operating System requirements
  10. Deprecated and Removed Features
    1. FileMaker Runtimes are gone, except approved FileMaker Go Runtimes submitted to the App Stores
    2. Peer to Peer sharing (except for FM Go developers)

More Features

  • Near Field Communications (NFC) tag reading
  • Siri Shortcuts – hands free interaction from FileMaker Go – call scripts using NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • FileMaker WebDirect Authoring – Author and edit directly in FileMaker WebDirect using the Claris Custom Console (coming mid-summer?)
  • Direct link to the Claris Marketplace in the app.


There are a lot of new web posts showing off these new features. Here are some to check out:

More coming!

Come back for more links and videos as they are released. There is a lot to learn – and all of it good! I’ll be uploading more Free FileMaker Example Files, too.

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