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Use Claris Connect to Build Powerful Work Flows

What is Claris Connect? I think of it as IFTTT (IF This, Then That), but easier to use and way more customizable.

Claris Connect is a standalone product from Claris, Inc (formerly FileMaker, Inc) that makes it much easier make various online applications play together, such as Slack working with ZenDesk, AWS, MailChimp, and FileMaker – to name just a few.

Technically, Claris Connect is part of the iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), the online standards for allowing various products to “talk” to each other.

What makes Claris Connect unique it the ability to easily connect various online services to each other using an impressive, easy to use interface that makes it much easier than before.

Claris Connect Well Works With FileMaker

And when you use it with FileMaker (Claris Connect is a standalone product that integrates perfectly with FileMaker, natch), it becomes much easier to connect FileMaker to the rest of those web services so many people count on.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Todd Daniel, but I suspect we would get along just fine. His history with databases stretches back to the 1980’s and includes using Omnis 3 and other ancient database programs. Something we both share. I developed my second database using Omnis 3 (my first was on a program whose name I don’t remember, but is was on a Sinclair computer with 8KB of ram and used a cassette player for storage). We’ve both been around for a while.

Todd Daniel’s Claris Presentation

Anyway, Todd presented at the Atlanta FileMaker Developers Group – or should I say to the Atlanta FileMaker Developers Group…they are all sheltering at home at this point due to Covid-19) on April first. Below is the youtube video. After giving an overview, Todd shows some possible uses of Claris Connect to connect Trello, Google Calendar, FileMaker, MailChimp, QuickBooks Online, EventBrite, SalesForce, Clearbit, and Office 365, and more.

Check Out the Video


Check out these posts from DB Services and Soliant Consulting (Soliant has several blog entries) to learn more.

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