It’s burning in Vegas today. Almost Literally…

For all you FileMakers going to DevCon 2016 today, pack your sunscreen and a hat.

The sunburn index in Las Vegas today (and this week) will be 11 out of 12, the highest of the year:Burn Index

The weather guys there say it takes only 10 minutes to burn (about 2 minutes for me…).

High temps all week, topping out at 112 on Friday!

And drink a lot of fluids…water would be best.  And remember–beer is mostly water.

Looking for relief from the heat?  Stop by our wrap-around terrace suite for some snacks and refreshments during the day.  Check back here later for the room number.

And take a few minutes to share your story with the FileMaker (and much larger) community when you stop by

I’ll be blogging from FileMaker DevCon 2016 in Vegas this week, so keep an eye out for news!




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