Build Your Own Custom App – Webinar

What is a Custom App, and Why Build Your Own?

A custom app is a solution developed for multiple platforms that is tailored to solve a specific business challenge.  It usually encompasses mobile devices such as phones and tablets, browsers, as well as desktop software, all working together to meet the clients unique needs.

FileMaker released a study this past February on the growth in the customs app category, and how FileMaker does in that regard.

Now there is a webinar with concrete examples and more reasons to consider building your own custom app:

The bottom line:

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Higher return on investment
  • Enabling teams to get things done
  • Increased mobility
  • Get unique needs met quickly
  • 74% increase in productivity
  • 81% saw a reduction in inefficient tasks
  • 60% saw a return on investment
  • 73% consider mobility important, with 49% using an iPad or iPhone
  • 82% are built internally
  • 52% are built in less than 3 months
You’ve thought about your business goals. You’ve mapped out your user requirements. You’ve planned your implementation strategy. What’s next?

Contact FileMaker Pro Gurus today for help getting your custom app built!

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