Build a FileMaker iOS APP SDK and Underwater Drones

Build a FileMaker iOS APP SDK

Richard Carlton builds a FileMaker iOS APP during this presentation, and that alone make it worth watching (and studying) this video presentation from FileMaker DevCon 2016:

But you’ll also want to watch it to learn more about the do’s and don’t’s of building your own FileMaker iOS APP:

  • Which databases can be access by the iOS APP
  • How an FileMaker iOS APP is different than FileMaker Go apps
  • How to handle the Documents folder and FileMaker source files
  • When to replace the “.fmp12” files in the Documents folder
  • Options for distributing your APP through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program, the VPP- B2B program, or the Apple App store.
  • The pros and cons of distributing through the App Store
  • Cover the responsibilities of database backups, restoration, and more
  • Where to find FileMakers’ checklist for building an SDK App (hint:  look here)
  • Adding a new app to your Apple developer account
  • Configuring the configuration text file, including adding security
  • Adding artwork (including using

And a whole lot more.  If you need to make a FileMaker iOS APP, spend a couple of hours with this video and the FM Checklist before you get started.

From CES 2017:  Underwater ‘PowerRay’ Drone Can Help Find Your Dinner

PowerRay Drone Can Help Find Your Dinner

This drone is PC Worlds choice of best drone at this year’s show.  It has a 4K video camera and a fish finder, letting you check out a fish before you try to catch it.  It has a 100′ or 200′ tether, and operates as deep at 98 feet (30 meters).  I want one, of course.

See more tech goodies here.

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