Build a Dynamic FileMaker Navigation Bar

Dynamic FileMaker Navigation Bar

Mike Duncan updated his ten year old dynamic FileMaker Navigation Bar, and it’s pretty awesome.  And he included a free FileMaker Example File, as well!

(Looking for more ideas for FileMaker Navigation Bars?  Click here.)

Duncan’s solution is easy to implement, loads fast, and changes if you change the order of your layout.  It also includes the following features:

    • Works in Browse and Find mode
    • Uses Themes and Styles
    • Allows manually navigating to layouts
    • Works in List View<
    • Works in Pro (both local and hosted), Go, and WebDirect
    • Works with multiple windows
    • Works natively (no plugins required)
    • Does not require additional schema
    • Handles a reasonable number of layouts
    • Minimal scripts required
    • Does not require custom functions, which is better for portability
    • Retains the last visited sub-section, allowing for navigation of multiple tiers

This solutions supports up to three tiers of menus, supports emojis, and the looks are easy to format due the use of Button Bars.

I’ve put this on a list of things to do and will hopefully report back soon.

Source: How to Build a Dynamic FileMaker Navigation Bar – An Introduction



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