Base Elements Version 3 Released



Base Elements announced version 3.0 of their popular, free plugin, BaseElements, on January 29th:

The BaseElements plugin is a free and open source plugin, available to everyone to extend the built in functions of FileMaker Pro.


Full versions of the latest final release ( currently 3.0.0 ) can always be found at the following links :

Mac Version
Windows 32 bit Version
Windows 64 bit Version

There is a full change log within the source code, and as modifications to functionality are made, these are documented against the function list when each major release is completed…

We’ve released another version of our free FileMaker plugin, this time to 3.0. This versions brings some new functionality :

  • BE_ExportFieldContents – allowing you to do exports from containers on FMS
  • BE_FTP_Upload – self explanatory I hope.
  • BE_HMAC – encoding format often used in Web Services authentication
  • BE_Xero_SetTokens – to allow the use of the Xero API from within FileMaker.

This also adds some new, but hidden functionality, that will be finalised in a future release ( the soon to arrive 3.1 version )

  • BE_EvaluateJavaScript
  • BE_SMTP_Server
  • BE_SMTP_Send

The next day announces beta version 3.1, which includes, among other improvements, SMTP email sending functionality, with support for HTML emails and multiple attachments.

Both versions are free, but Goya is seeking financial support by asking developers to sponsor further development with a payment of $199 for a single developer or $399 for a company.

Sponsorship gives you access to technical support, new releases, code samples and lets you help decide on future functionality.

Whether or not the plugin is truly free is unclear.  The links above indicate is it free.  On the product info page, however, there is a demo registration form with the following message:

Fill in the form below to receive a registration code that will allow you to use BaseElements unlocked and completely full-featured for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 day period, you will either need to remove the BaseElements software from your computer or purchase a full licence.

Hopefully Goya will clear this up.  Either way, many developers find this plugin indispensable, and will want it in their tool chest.

Base Elements Version 3 | Goya Pty Ltd.

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