Archiving Emails in FileMaker, REST with BaseElements, and The Universe Talks

Ian Haas shows how to use 360Works Email plugin to capture and store emails in FileMaker.

You can also send emails form FileMaker (with multiple attachments) with the plugin.

We demo how to download emails using the 360Works email plugin into your FileMaker solution directly from your inbox for you and others to view your correspondence.

Archiving Email In FileMaker

Matt Petrowsky’s latest Free video and example file is all about REST and the Base Elements plugin.

If you’ve been wanting to try accessing web services with REST, this is a great way to get started.

FileMaker REST using BaseElements Plugin

And don’t forget RESTFM, another free solution that also makes it easy to use REST to access web services.

The Universe Talks

I just found this website and signed up for a daily email, “Notes from the Universe”. Check it out if you are looking for a daily dose of inspiration and insight.


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