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Todd Geist released a new, free FileMaker example file that makes it as easy as is possible to work with web API’s.  Geist’s new program, Generator, makes it easy to build a and test an API request, then copy the custom functions and scripts to your FileMaker solution with just a click of a button.

The first version of Generator focuses on working with JSON files, but future versions will build in more capability.  Here’s what Geist has to say about Generator:

If you are new to cURL and HTTP Requests

Generator can help you by guiding you through the process of working with Web APIs. You fill out a form and select from options in drop-down menus to create a request; then you can test it with the push of a button.  Once you have it working, press a button, and you have working scripts ready to be pasted into your own solution.

If you already know how to work with Web APIS

Generator can help you too, by making it easy for you to experiment with APIs, correctly formatting the request, and generating working code when you’re ready to move it into your solution.

Works with any JSON-based API

Generator takes the tedium out of working with APIs. Once you learn it for one of API, you’ll be able to use it for any API out there that uses JSON

Map it to your solution

Generator also analyzes your open FileMaker database and helps map the JSON elements to your database fields.  Once the fields are mapped, click a button to generate a custom FileMaker script to the clipboard ready to be pasted to your solution.

Wow.  Powerful stuff.


Generator is a free, open source tool and is managed on GitHub.  Work with it, improve it, and share your work back to the FileMaker community.

Download it now

If you need to deal with API’s, this is the best way I’ve seen to get going fast.  I’m going to use it a lot in coming months.

Source: Generator – Geist Interactive

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