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Acceptable Levels of Goods Received

What if you bought apples buy the US ton? You’d expect your supplier to deliver 1 US ton of apples. (I’m tempted to use 30,000 lbs. of bananas, but managed to refrain). Given that a US ton is 2,000 lbs. what if the supplier showed up with 1,992 lbs of apples? What if they showed up with 2, 018 lbs. of apples? Either instance might be just fine with you. In fact, you might not actually expect to receive exactly one ton of apples.

Acceptable Levels of Goods Received
Acceptable Levels of Goods Received

Products like this likely have an acceptable range as agreed upon by you and your supplier. But how do you record that range and receive those goods in your inventory management system? The FileMaker platform is a flexible tool that can handle receipt scenarios like this.

There are five possible ways to do this in the FileMaker platform:

There are a number of components that can go into a supplier agreement contract. This article is only looking at the acceptable levels of goods received. As John mentioned, a company orders a particular number but is willing to accept a range below and above that number.

Agreement levels can be measured in two ways:

  1. Numeric values
  2. Percentage

Of those two ways, your supplier agreement level may have one of three possibilities by which to measure acceptable levels:

  1. Numeric value only
  2. Percentage value only
  3. Numeric and percentage value

For more information on the five ways to measure acceptable levels of goods received, click here.

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