5 Mac Software Packages Promotion – $15

Tunabelly Software is a Canadian Company that makes inexpensive, high quality Mac and Apple TV programs.

Do yourself a favor – for a limited time (not sure how long), Tunabelly is offering 5 Mac program for $15, a $30 dollar savings. I purchased this today and have used three of the five (see below):

2016 Canada Day Promo

To celebrate Canada Day, we’re happy to announce a special limited time promotion – a bundle of five Mac apps for only $45 $15!

Tunabelly Software Promotions

The programs are:

  • Disk Diet – easily find and delete files on your almost full disk. and MacWorld App of the Week. Disk Diet cleaned up 8.7 gb of unneccessary data in less than a minute.
  • Folder Tidy – moved the contents of my downloads folder into a whole lot of pre-programmed folders.  Cleaned up 12 GB of files in about one second!
  • QR Factory (bar code generator) – type it in, print it, share it,  duplicate it, view raw code , QR email. location wi Fi info, calendar entries, detailed contact information, vCard, and more.
  • HandsFree 2 – This is a very impressive way to make and receive phone calls on your Mac.  Excellent quality.
  • Silent Start, which silences the Mac startup sound.

Download demo versions at the link, and give them a try.

Source: Tunabelly Software Promotions

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