3 Looks at JSON and FileMaker, FileMaker Tip

3 Different Looks at JSON

The First Look

The first look is from Kevin Frank of FileMaker Hacks.  Frank has written 3 different blog posts on JSON:

Source: Thinking About JSON, part 1 | FileMakerHacks

Part one is a great primer on what JSON is, how to identify and test possible JSON objects, how to find keys and values, and more.  There is also a free FileMaker Example file called Sandbox, giving you an easy way to test and work with JSON.

Source: Thinking About JSON, Part 2 | FileMakerHacks

Part two covers making and manipulating JSON, including deleting parts of a JSON object. And, of course, it has a free FileMaker Example for you to study.

Source: Thinking About JSON, part 3 | FileMakerHacks

Part three dives deep into the first argument of the JSONGetElement command, explaining the possible pitfalls of different usage and how to deal with it.

Read all three, preferably in order, for a good grounding in dealing with JSON from FileMaker.

The Second Look

The Second Look is a look at FileMaker DevCon session INT02 – Use JSON to Get Arrays – Daisy Graves.

The video of the presentation will be posted later this year, but for now you can download the slide notes, the slide presentation, and the free FileMaker Example file.  Some of the things you will learn include:

  • Use FileMaker JSON functions to get started quickly
  • Understand JSON structure & syntax – {Objects} vs [Arrays]
  • Datapoint consolidation and schema alternatives—multiple script parameters, variable consolidation
  • Applying JSON to the real world

I bolded that last item, as applying new techniques to to the real world is challenge for many developers.  For example, using JSON to pass multiple parameters to a script has plenty of proponents due to it’s powerful structure.  Frank talks at length about it in Part 2 above.

The Third Look

The Third Look is Tony Whites very handy, one page JSON Overview pdf download.  Tony gave me a copy when we crossed paths on the first day of DevCon 2018. It’s only one page, but it’s packed with useful information.

There is a wealth of information available on the web for you to explore…these three looks will help you get started faster.

FileMaker Tip: FM 17 is not the default version that opens on clicking a database file

This affected me and others, so I looked up a solution.  It turns out it is easier than in days past, but is in a different location.  Click here to see the solution.

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