FileMaker Inventory Resources

FileMaker Inventory Resources

When I started developing in FileMaker full-time I soon acquired a customer who wanted an inventory management system. I didn’t know that at the time. I knew he wanted to keep track of camera kits that his company rents out. Not long after that I spoke with a distributor who needed to update her company’s database. At the time I didn’t know how her system would be different from the camera rentals. Nor did I know the intricacies of inventory management systems. Like many new developers, I learned along the way.

Other projects came, including a warehousing system and a manufacturing system. And I remember that each time I would look on the web to find resources for understanding and building different kinds of inventory management systems. I don’t remember everything I found. I do, however, remember a few things:

1. Most of the resources were SQL based. That is, building inventory management systems in Oracle or MS SQL Server.
2. There were very few resources for building these systems in FileMaker Pro.

I began to delve deeper into inventory management and supply chain management and became fascinated with all the nuances and intricacies involved in building these systems. I asked questions on forums, watched videos of enterprise systems, read blogs and books. I wanted to translate the information I was learning – and am continuing to learn – to FileMaker. And so I began the website FileMaker Inventory Resources.

The site is a collection of articles, PDF files, and FMP demo files. There is a video on there as well, though admittedly hidden in one of the download file pages. My goal is to make these resources available for others who, like me, are searching for resources as they build inventory management systems in the FileMaker platform. The site has two people in mind:

1. The citizen developer who knows how her inventory management works and needs to build a database that marries her business processes with software.

2. FileMaker developers who don’t have experience in inventory management systems.

The project is just getting started and more articles, demo files, and videos are planned. If you’d like to be notified when a new article comes out, go to FileMaker Inventory Resources and scroll down to the “Keep me updated” section. If you have a topic that you’d like covered, go to the “Can you write about…” section.

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