FileMaker Plugin Developer Interview – Christian Schmidt


What you’ll learn from this interview:

  • Christian Schmidt owns Monkey Bread Software, and makes plugins for FileMaker and other development languages.
  • One plugin – MBS – with a lot of functions: Over 3200 in version 5.1
  • Theost popular is syntax highlighting
  • Learn what is second most popular
  • Makes a pdf from the server
  • What he does not do: FileMaker development
  • Started in 2006 when people asked for functions
  • How he got started coding
  • What he likes to do in his spare time
  • He travels a lot and takes his family
  • Why he named it
  • Talked with FileMaker Engineers and knows the direction FM is taking pretty early on
  • Likes the way they heading
  • MBS comes with 350 sample databases!
  • And much more…

FileMaker Plugin Developer Interview – Christian Schmidt of Monkey Bread Software

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