FileMaker Developer Interview – Matt Navarre

FileMaker Developer Interview – Matt Navarre

A Production at FileMaker Devcon 2016 in Vegas, with Donald Clark,, of Albuquerque, NM, and Matt Navarre, App.Works, of Portland, OR.

If you’ve been developing in FileMaker for virtually any length of time, you’ve heard of Matt Navarre.  Matt is the owner of App.Works (formerly, located in Portland, Oregon.

Matt’s FileMaker developer days started way back in 1987, when FileMaker was owned by Nashoba.

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Matt Navarre, FM Developer (0:27 seconds)


FileMaker Developer Since 1987

Portland, Oregon


Developing Since 1985 (2 minutes)

Certified in FM 7-15

App.Works formally known as MSN Media

Started the Portland FileMaker Group

Also Part of

Started with Egghead Software


Nashoba Systems Developed the Original FileMaker (2:17 minutes)


If you remember Hypercard™, you are an old-time Apple™ fan! (3:08 minutes)


App.Works (4:29 minutes)

4 full-time &

2 contractors

Public Health

General Business

Non Profits

( Churches & Camps)


Public Health (5 minutes)

Purpose Aspect

Projects that make a difference in people’s lives   


Don Clark (6:33 minutes)


FM Database Consulting, Albuquerque, NM


FileMaker Connectivity and Communication to other Systems Helps to Make it Stronger    (7:50 minutes)


MailChimp Integration (8:29 minutes)

More info at (8:41 minutes)


Searchable List of Free FileMaker Example Files

260+ Downloadable files at (8:53 minutes)


Matt’s Podcasts available at (10:23 minutes)


FileMaker Champions Program (12:08 minutes)

For those that promote FileMaker through Social Media

Apply at


Have you discovered Facebook Live? (15 minutes)


Don Clark discusses his computer career   (16:30 minutes)


Matt Navarre compares FileMaker developing to music (18:19 minutes)

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